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A In-depth Look At The 5 Best Strains

Do you consider yourself a recreational smoker? You know the people that love the effects of cannabis. Some might call them hippies or stoners, but now we call them recreational smokers. If you're in that group of people, then you will find your tolerance going through the roof. So here I have provided you with five of the best cannabis strains for recreational smokers. Are you looking for that creative spark of inspiration? Don't worry many painters or musicians alike find certain strains of cannabis as the key to unlocking the sub-conscience flow of creativity tucked away in the flurry of everyday thought. Another type of cannabis recreational users love are strains that make you social. Other cannabis qualities that are a must for smokers are exotic scents of fruit or chocolate.

One strain of marijuana that tends to those needs is Jack Herer with its upper energetic buzz giving the user a heightened use of vocabulary. The balanced high gives you the ability to pull thoughts from the blue controllable with ease. Recreational smokers will find Jack Herer as a sociable strain. Recreational cannabis users find this bud brings out the talkative side.

Smokers dealing with forms of stress or anxiety will find pleasure with the Berry White strain. The buzz the user experiences with the Berry White strain comes on slow without paranoid racing thoughts. This strain works wonders for recreational users, especially those looking for an escape to deep thought. Berry White also does a perfect job at relaxing the body to a jello-like state of bliss.

If you thought the previous strains sound amazing, then wait until you hear about this next one LSD. The LSD cannabis strain will take your mind on a trip down the rabbit hole with is conscience enlightening effects. Dig deep in your creative thought buried underneath your average thoughts. The strain also brings pain to a numbing end as you drift off into dreams of epiphany.

Next, on our list of new strains for recreation users, we have Jillybean. Do you feel like sweetening things up? Jillybean has a sweet taste and a sugary coat of THC any recreational user could indulge. The strain brings on a euphoric state of mind, perfect for easing stressful days away. The candy-like nugs won't last long around the average smoker.

Lastly, we have Banana Kush, which is another friendly cannabis that can set off an in-depth conversation with recreational users in minutes. Another great attribute of Banana Kush is the fruity fragrance that's so potent its as if a bundle of them were in front of you. The hybrid cannabis is mostly Indica, and the genetics are a mix of Skunk and some OG Ghost.

If your a recreational cannabis smoker that's living in a legal marijuana state, you should give this bud list a try on some free time. I am sure all of the cannabis strains live up to their expectations or exceed them.

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